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Local SEO Services

Local SEO is about how to optimize your website to rank better for a local audience. A website gives you the opportunity to target the entire (online) world. But if the target audience for your business is actually located in or near the city you have your office or shop, you’ll need to practice at least some local SEO as well. You need to optimize for your city name, optimize your address details. In short: you need to optimize so people know where you are located and are able to find you offline (if required). In this post, we will try to explain what local SEO is, so you can optimize your local site as well!

If you have a local business, like a shop, or have people visiting your office frequently, optimizing your website is also about making sure people are able to find you in real life. But even if your not actively getting visitors in your building, but are targeting an audience that is located in the same geographical area as you are, you need to optimize for that area. This is what we call “local SEO.”

Ecommerce SEO

Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Store

1. Volume: The higher the search volume, the more potential traffic to your site. SEMRush will give you volume data, but so will free tools like Google Keyword Planner.

High volume keywords often mean a lot of competition.

2. Competition: The lower the competition, the more likely you are to rank for the keyword.

Overall, you’re looking for high volume, low competition keywords.

3. Relevancy: How relevant is your product page or category page to the search term? This is a huge ranking factor that’s often neglected. Stick to keywords that your products would genuinely satisfy.

4.Intent: Again, you want to target keywords that show commercial intent. Usually, you can evaluate intent just by looking at a keyword. For example:

size 12 women’s red dress

National SEO

SEO works with businesses on both the local and national levels. Whether you need a small SEO campaign or a complex multi-city campaign, we can help. National SEO is a long-term investment that can separate your business from the competitors. Although similar to local SEO, National SEO focuses primarily on ranking for broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific geographical terms.

In today’s tech-driven society, businesses need to focus more on their online presence now more than ever. The amount of companies on a national level using SEO is much higher than that of local businesses, making it a very competitive market. National SEO strategies will allow your business to transform how it competes in the market as it can extend your reach across the country and capture your ideal client base, resulting in positive ROI. Our National SEO strategies will optimize various facets of your website to ensure positive search engine visibility.

 Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO fixates more on the number of pages your website has, specifically products and services, and less on the overall size of the company.

Websites containing more than 1,000 products and services are typically considered an enterprise site. Enterprise SEO begins with significant and intellectual keyword selection. The emphasis should be on choosing high and medium-tail keyword phrases that generate proper categories and subcategories and can be combined with other keywords to make long-tail queries. Enterprise content management systems assist in creating guidelines that set up pages and load them with content.

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WHY SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the biggest factors that determines which websites you see on page 1 of Google.
There is often jokes that page 2 of Google is the best place to hide a fugitive because of how little traffic it gets, so why would you want your business in the same location?
Not being found in Google is costing your company money every day, as, without it, you’re essentially handing your competition money, and no business can afford to do that! To attain higher rankings in search engines, your website needs to be well optimised.
Well, optimized sites will lead to the popularity of your content and products, which means direct revenue for your business.

However to get this exposure you need a true professional optimises or consultant who understands how the whole process works.


There are numerous benefits of hiring a Australia SEO expert to optimise and help grow your online presence.
A real SEO expert will save you a lot of time.

With Google’s algorithms changing on a weekly basis is essential that you are working with someone who is up to date on what is going on at all times, as your business and revenue rely on it!


Our SEO process for India has been developed by working with hundreds of clients across the world in almost every industry imaginable.
First we cover your keyword research and come up with keywords that fully support your page content and services while also driving you maximum revenue.

We even look at the keywords your competition is using and structure a plan for how you can take their rankings directly.
The result is your website being more appealing to both your customers and Google alike. Next, we use various strategies to them push your site up to Googles first page.
Often referred to as ‘link building’, our off-page SEO services cover far more than what other firms traditionally use.

They are cutting edge and 100% safe, proven techniques that we developed in association with the world’s leading SEO community.


Unlike many other forms of digital marketing, SEO is extremely cost effective. Plus SEO builds a long term asset in your businesses website.
When you compare this to the effects of other forms of digital marketing in India, you’ll soon find that they can blow your budget quickly, and give little or no results.
Our SEO services are designed to give you the biggest ROI possible, so we keep our fee’s affordable. We aren’t the cheapest around.

However, we guarantee the best ROI in the industry.

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