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Sodesign Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency in India. Our digital marketing experts are dedicated to bringing businesses premium online marketing solutions in India. 

Online business is now as prevalent as ever and it is integral to keep up with the constant needs of consumers. Ensuring your business is an adaptable enterprise, capable of meeting the constant evolution of the online digital marketing world is invaluable to your long-term success. 

At Sodesign Marketing, our digital marketing services help businesses at any stage of their life cycle; from start-ups to large-scale corporations. Our short-term & long-term business strategies, coupled with our expert digital marketing and digital advertising packages will ensure your business is primed and ready to excel in the digital marketing world. 

If your business requires high-quality and unique digital marketing and advertising, then look no further than Sodesign Marketing India.


Ask us today about our no obligation, FREE consultation. We are a digital marketing agency in India that provides nothing but the best for our clients and we can't wait to discuss your digital marketing needs.


From digital marketing strategy to execution, we’ll help you strive for excellence online by improving both your campaigns and website performance, together.

Google Ads / Facebook Ads

As your digital marketing agency partner in India, we’ll help you identify, the best Keyword Research, Ads campaign and Click to converstion, Negative words finding to get accurate clicks .

Digital Marketing Ecosystem

As your digital marketing agency partner India, we’ll help you identify, build and test the right mix of channels because the best results come from everything working together, in harmony, like a Reef.

Your Customer's Online Journey

You’ll get a better understanding of how your audience search, how they compare, where they go and what they do online. From first ad impression to form fill or phone call, customer journey thinking connects activity to your audience’s buying cycle.

Continuously Improve Your Campaigns

You’ll see what’s working, to what extent, what isn’t, why, and what we can do about it. We’re here to help you pull the growth levers that matter to your organisation and rigorously maximise each channel we work with you on.

Growth and Competitive Advantage

Strengthen your position across paid, owned and earned channels online while receiving detailed competitor insights and building sophisticated strategies designed for the long-term.

Why choose us?

Our expertise range from day-to-day social media management, advertising, website optimisation, content marketing, all the way through to high-end business strategy, branding and consultation in India.

Our digital marketing agency's extensive range of services in India caters from small to medium and large businesses. You can talk to us about our pre-existing packages, or customise your own so that it specifically suits your business model. 

Google Advertising

The Google search platform is the most used internet search platform in the world. Whether searching through google.com or just using the browser, billions of people use this function every single day of their lives. If you own or run an online business, advertising on Google is an absolute must.Google advertising comes in a few different shapes and sizes, and not every function will be necessary for your advertising needs..

Facebook Advertising

The Facebook Ads Management Profile is incredibly versatile which will allows you to use any video or image collateral. Within this platform, businesses can create lead forms, send traffic to websites, complete purchases through e-commerce platforms, or drive messages through your Facebook profile. When fully-optimised and with creative collateral, the Facebook platform can help business drive down advertising costs and generate a larger return on investment.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media presence is, for most, the first step in a potential customer’s online interaction with your business. The importance of well thought and carefully articulated online social branding cannot be understated. Through the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others, there has never been a better time for consumers to have their voice heard..






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Still need to know more about Digital Marketing

Our range of social media marketing packages ensure that week in, week out, professional content is making it’s way to your users’ newsfeeds. Our long-term branding techniques ensure that the image of your business is well entrenched in the minds of your customers and fans.

Google Ads Results & Ads optimization

Our team also has access to the bounce rate, new and returning visitors, the time and number of pages that have been visited. This enables us to measure the complete performance and boost your results. Our Google AdWords management strategy for our client gained 29K in revenue in 3 months with an 8,600% increase in conversions Our Google Ads management campaign for ‘Goa car rental ’ gained 929 clicks to the website within the span of 3 months of the ad being live.

Social Media Marketing Presence

Our team implement PPC Sydney management strategies that are easily measurable, providing a collection of valuable data. PPC advertising such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook ads, re-targeted or banner ads, can help your business achieve its goals and exceed expectations by reaching a wide variety of target audiences to ring in traffic and potential customers. With the data collected, SEO strategies can be refined for each keyword and content marketing, increasing the performance of your digital marketing.


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Meet our Digital Marketing Experts

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Basic Packages for statups in Digital Marketing


Google Ads India

  • Campaign Creation
  • 30 Related Keywords
  • Monthly Reports
  • 24/7 Support System
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Youtube ads India

  • Campaign Management
  • Upto 15k Views
  • 15 Selected Channels
  • 24/7 Support System
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Facebook Ads India

  • Campaign Mangement
  • Boost Post Views
  • Interest Based ads
  • 24/7 Support System
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent asked question from our clients

  • Digital marketing India has evolved to the point where an immense array of specialists consult with brands to develop effective strategies or implement programs.

    If you’re new to digital marketing, or lack experience or resources, you should consider engaging an experienced and versatile digital marketing agency in India .

  • Definitely. Though companies in many business categories continue to approach digital marketing with skepticism, avoiding digital marketing denies your business access to the media the majority of consumers turn to first and at all hours of the day.

    We will show you what areas are missing that can potentially be turned into profits!

  • PPC stands for pay-per-click. Essentially, it’s a way of buying web traffic. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

    Search engine advertising is the most popular form of PPC, however numerous channels including Facebook now offer PPC ad models.

  • Chances are your audience is active on one or more of the major social networks where billions of people spend time daily.

    Brands that understand the power of India social media marketing and commit resources to it can boost awareness, drive traffic, interact with customers, drive sales, build loyalty, and win advocates

  • Consider first the top social channels in terms of active users: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Determine where your audience spends their time. Research the demographics and behavioral patterns of the users and consider the type of content you’ll share.

    If you find this confusing don’t worry, we specialise in this stuff. We can help guide you by asking you few questions and testing the market and kinds of stuff.

  • We get asked this question almost everyday! The best way to answer this questions is looking at different strategies. Paid digital marketing programs should create results immediately like PPC.
    On the other hand, programs such as content marketing, email list building, and search engine optimization require persistence and patience.
    You might see some results in a matter of months; however, it’s likely to be six months to a year before you realize some of your traffic and conversion objectives.

  • Good Question! A practical approach to marketing metrics should include establishing which key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important for the growth of your brand. As a starting point, consider metrics that reflect your progress regarding traffic generation, conversion, and marketing costs and create a dashboard to track them monthly.

  • You will choose a campaign package to start, or you can talk to us via live chat or through email and our marketing specialist will guide you on which Digital Marketing campaign India suites for your business.

    Payment term
    We will only ask for a 1-month advance, other agencies will give you a 6 months minimum contract with 3 months advance payment, but we don’t do that here.
    Ours is simple, in order for us to start we will only ask for first-month advance payment, then we will provide you with your own campaign manager to update you from time to time.
    We are also open to your own payment terms, just talk to us and will work it out for you.

    Campaign Report
    We do provide weekly and monthly campaign report

    Payment Method
    We do accept the following:
    Wire Transfers
    Paypal Transferwise