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Organically rank higher on Google searches Competitor analysis and keyword research India largest keyword database A strategy to engage your target audience Direct relevant traffic to your website Monthly benchmark and progress reports A dedicated Account Manager

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SEO Pricing Packages India


There are many more inclusions that are not shown in the plans below, so contact us for a detailed list of exactly what we do to your website. Our cheap SEO packages are great in value, genuine, generous and highly effective.

Deal with an India SEO company that is transparent, supportive and there when you need them. Give yourself a peace of mind and let us take care of marketing your business.

We also create powerful advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Our SEO packages are available to businesses in: Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata , Hyderabad and all other cities.

SEO Packages are all about quality, which is why we urge our customers to make sure they do their research to avoid getting your business in trouble with the dreaded SEO guarantee.

SEO Service India


SEO provides a means of ranking naturally or organically in search engines in comparison to https://ads.google.com/AdWords which is paid for marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation including Google Search We optimise your website to rank you on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for a series of keywords.

This allows people who are searching for your products and services to see you on Google from an unpaid organic search.
We have 3 different packages all with different inclusions to give you variability and budgeting options.

SEO packages include various inclusions which are not included in the tables above due to size and can be emailed to you on request.
Advertising including AdWords Plans We create and manage advertising campaigns across the most popular platforms for the best value Pay Per Clicks.

People will be able to see you for paid searches, such as the Google ads that appear on the top of search pages, as well as image and video advertisements on other websites such as YouTube.

We also advertise on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

These advertising methods are either Paid Per Click or Paid Per 1000 Impressions.

There are no contracts and our SEO Essentials package can be taken as a one off website optimisation to get your website optimised on a fundamental level.

If you are based in India, we can make a quick visit to see if we can help you and your business website grow.


India Cheap SEO Packages India that offer a truly premium SEO service is what we aim for.

Client satisfaction and long term business has been our vision since the beginning.

Whatever your industry, SODESIGN can provide custom designed, cheap SEO packages to improve your business’ ranking online.

Our team is committed to your long term success, which we achieve through ongoing monitoring and adjustment of your website.

To date, we have helped clients in a wide range of industries right across India boost their search engine presence.

We offer a variety of ongoing packages designed to suit all business types.

Whether you are looking to dominate search listings in your local area or attract customers from further afield, our cheap SEO packages India can help you achieve your business goals.


SEO Company India

Although we are based in India , we assist businesses World wide, so do know that we have interest in looking after you and your business.
Our "SEO Packages India" are designed for small business whether that goal be to grow the business quickly or a little more slowly.
We have SEO plus Google ads packages that combine both advertising over paid and organic medium to increase lead rate from the get go.


* Unlike many SEO agencies, our work is done exclusively in India.

* By working with a network of Indian-based digital marketers, we are able to provide an unmatched level of service and expertise with our custom-designed SEO packages for India.

* We understand that effective SEO is not a quick fix, rather an ongoing process that can help you achieve great results over time.

* Our SEO experts leverage their knowledge of Indian search trends and communicate directly with you and your team so you can see your results first hand.

* You can also take comfort in the knowledge that if you do ever have an issue or need an answer, our team are just a phone call away.



* In 2023, a website optimised for search is non negotiable.

* These days, 93% of search engine users never make it past the first page.

* 93%! If your business isn’t showing on page one, think about how much traffic you are missing out on.

* While this might sound scary, these changing consumer trends also bring huge opportunities.

* The rise of smartphones means 86% of people now look up the location of a business on Google Maps before they visit.

* This is a golden opportunity for you to get in front of your target audience right when they are ready to make a purchase.

* And as more and more people grow more comfortable using their computers and mobile devices to make local searches, these numbers are only going to increase.

* If you want to start dominating your industry, get in touch and discover how our SEO packages India can help your business thrive.

All Packages for 1 Year Total Keywords will finalyse before starting project / Keyword Research Volume displayed
Startup Standard Professional Ultimate
Was Rs.12,500
Was Rs.28,500
Was Rs.45,750
Contact us
Number Of Keywords
Number Of Keywords 4 to 6 Keywords 12 to 15 Keywords 20 to 25 Keywords Above 25 Keywords
  SEO Time Period
SEO Time Period 3Months 3Months 6Months 6Months
  Page Limit
Page Limit Upto 15pages Upto 30 pages Upto 70pages More than 100pages
  SEO Content Optimiazatin
SEO Content Optimiazatin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Google Analytic
Google Analytic No Yes Yes Yes
  Website Speed improving
Website Speed improving No Yes Yes Yes
  Facebook Fan Page Creation
Facebook Fan Page Creation No Yes Yes Yes
No 10 post 30post 50Post
  Twiiter Account
Twiiter Account NO NO Yes Yes
Monthly Website Traffic Report
Monthly Website Traffic Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Visitor Report
Visitor Report No Yes Yes Yess
  Google Busines Page Optimization
Google Busines Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Blog Creation
Blog Creation No Yes Yes Yes
  Daily Content update
Daily Content update No No Yes Yes
  Article submission
Article submission No Yes Yes Yes
  SEO/Analysis Report
SEO/Analysis Report Free Free Free Free
  Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel No No Yes Yes
  Monthly Report
Work Report
No Yes Yes Yes
  Google Analytics Services
Google Analytics Services report No Yes Yes Yes
Support Email Email & Phone Email & Phone Email & Phone

SEO - Improve 100% Ranking your website in Google Search

Stand first page on Google Search for your business related keywords niche in India.

Frequently Asked Question

How Long does Search Engine Optimization Take ?
The time it takes to establish rankings is dependent on a few factors:
1.How competitive the industry or keywords are 2.Whether the site has been penalised previously 3.Whether there has been any prior optimization performed

Do Google Map count toward my SEO Ranking ?
Yes. An optimised Google Maps listing is a very important part of an SEO campaign. As maps listings are a part of the organic results listed on page one, they are a very effective way of pulling people through to your site and building page one rankings. As part of your SEO campaign, we optimise both organic search results and your Google Maps results to bring you the most traffic possible.

Should I invest in PPC or SEO ?
It depends on your business. Many clients choose to support a growing SEO campaign with a small PPC spend, allowing them to buy traffic while their organic rankings grow. The choice to invest in SEO or PPC also depends on your industry, business model, and level of competition. Generally search engine optimization is a long term, lower cost strategy, while PPC is a more immediate, higher cost strategy.

How long does it takes to Index by Google ?

In the past, businesses had to submit their site to search engines or wait until Google organically found them. Now, we have many ways to ensure Google notices you more quickly. If you haven’t been indexed at all, SODESIGN can help.

How do Search Engine rank my Websites ?
Search engines use equations called algorithms to determine which sites are most relevant to the search. The algorithm takes into account several complex factors when establishing positions. Two primary factors are the quality of other websites that are linking back to your website and the topic the search engine believes the page is about, based on the content.